Our body, our skin is so amazing and very clever. Did you know that our skin is our body’s largest organ and its first line of defense? Our skin cannot discriminate between synthetic and natural (between harmful or beneficial).

Have  you ever thought, that toxins, chemicals absorption through the skin is more dangerous in the longer term, than through the mouth? If  you eat something these toxins absorbed into the digestive system go through the kidneys and the liver where enzymes break them down and often detoxify them and rinse the body. But put on these chemicals on the skin will absorbed through it and go through no such process. What does it mean? Although our skin acts as a protective barrier against many micro-organisms and chemicals, but even so some harsh toxic chemicals can penetrate the skin and make their way into our body and end up in our blood stream and lymphatic system.

Thus, it is very important and we have to be aware what we use on our skin and pay attention to the ingredients in the skin care products. To eliminate these harmful toxic chemicals, preservatives, fragrances, etc.., choose natural skin care products. Very important to read the ingredient labels all the time and educate yourself what ingredients to avoid when choosing your skin care products.


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