Vanilla-Choco Mousse

Vanilla: put cashew, vanilla bean or extract, honey (or other sweetener), filtered water in a blender and mix well until creamy texture.

Choco: put cocoa or carob powder, honey (or other sweetener), filtered water (or coconut water) in a food processor and mix well. Than layer the choco and vanilla into a nice glass and ready to serve...

Grape Leaves roll with cauliflower cous-cous and cashew tzatziki sauce

Cauliflower cous-cous: put the cauliflower and parsnip in the food processor and pulse them to achieve the texture of large rice grains. Transfer the mixture into a bowl ad pour salt and lemon juice on it and put it on the side until you make the cashew tzatziki sauce. If it's ready, squeeze the "cous-cous"...


Base: almond, walnut, honey, lemon juice and a pinch of salt. Mix everything together in a food processor, than put in the round mold and it goes to the freezer, until you prepare the top.

Top: Put cashew, honey, lemon juice, filtered water into a blender and mix well, until creamy texture. Than drop the raspberry in it and mix well