Breaking the patterns and eliminating the obstacles

Sunday, 25th of April - Starts at 3.00pm (arrive by 2.45am) to approx. 6.00pm Family Constellation is a way of reconnecting to our ancestors. Also, it shows the hidden dynamics controlling our life. It reveals the root cause and then we can start working on it. One of its important elements is: Acknowleding the actual situation. Family Constellation works through restoring the flow of life within the family. No prerequisites, it will be clearly described If  you wish to join this workshop, please send an email to The exact location will be provided once you register. This event is donation based.


Give a little pamper for your beloved one or spoil yourself with one of our treatments.

If you buy a gift voucher or book an appointment in March, we give you $15 off from any of the MASSAGE or the 1-on-1 SESSION prices (see the treatments listed above). For more details please contact us. Vouchers are valid until the 31st of May, 2016.

(Gift vouchers can be picked up or we can post them to any address for a small fee. )

Give a "pieace" of health for Easter. Order a beautiful, delightful and heavenly Raw Cake until the 24th of March and you will receive $10 off from the $60 full price (now only: $50).

For more details please send an email to:

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