Happy Mouth(tm) – Energetic Dentistry

With Happy Mouth(tm), we have cranial points which activate the systems to repair teeth, strengthen teeth and restore structural integrity. Other systems deal with decay and the importance of correct acid balance in the mouth (activating the gingival and the lymphatic restorative systems, salivary glands); activating tooth buds for new teeth to be grown, and so much more (TMJ restorative system for bruxism, grinding and jaw pain).


We have created packages in order to maximise the benefits of this amazing system. On top of the sessions, each package includes a 30 min consultation (so we can tailor the whole package to your needs) plus a 60 min power session to release the traumas and fears affecting the health of your mouth, teeth, gums, the jaw and your breath and a personalised Energetic Dentistry audio clearing recorded on a USB stick.

The process

Consultations, Energetic Dentistry sessions, Power Sessions and Audio clearing loops - all tailored to your needs!