I have known Csilla and Rocco on a professional basis for over a year now, and in that time experienced many of their healing treatments, raw food menus, and have frequently use their natural hand crafted products.
I am very impressed with the high quality of services that Csilla and Rocco provide through their European Healing Centre. The food is both nutritious and delicious. Thank you for the beautiful birthday cake you made me. The tutoring and facilitation of Access Consciousness and Family Constallations, has opened me up to new ways of experiencing both myself, and life.
I love Csilla’s Aromatherapy Bath Bombs – sheer bliss, as nothing can be more nurturing, than soaking in a hot tub with one of them.
Thank you for your high quality services and products. It is my pleasure to recommend both .

It was a very useful Access Bars session for me and I noticed that I’d come to a different place of letting go of the past and wanting to see it totally from the perspective of what I had learned from it and gratitude.

Love Kahmeelah

Csilla’s handmade soaps are real beauty treats! My favourite is the “Green-Go”-Rosmary soap. It’s smooth, natural, smells amazing and lasts for many many months. Every soap looks like a little piece of art. A perfect piece of decoration in the bathroom. 🙂

Having some family constellation sessions I can tell, the morphogenetic field is reality. Rocco guidance has been very gentle, all – embracing and effective. He accurately followed this energy field around and observed our reaction at the same time. Waiting for the right moment with patience to facilitate a situation what had hidden before. In this session I could understand why I had been desperately seeking the Source in my life. That recognition was a very deep liberation. Highly recommend everyone who have any family or personal issues in their life.

We have been participated in a Bio Logic workshop with Csilla and Rocco. They are driven by passion and intention of helping people. We have a quite holistic and spiritual way of thinking, nevertheless this New Medicine approach mesmerized us. Listening to this evidence based knowledge was a pivotal moment to see the obvious connection between the emotional conflicts and health issues. Eventually we got one of the missing link how we think about health and unbalance in people’s lives. We are truly grateful for it.

Their one-day bars class was so helpful and I Iearnt a lot from them though it was my third time to attend one-day class.
They used movie materials effectively as well as taught us many better ways to touch bars or to ask helpful questions which allow clients to receive more during the session or which allow us to receive more in our lives.
Also the raw food they served for lunch was very healthy and absolutely delicious.
Thank you so much, Csilla and Rocco!!

Csilla and Rocco are an amazing couple. Both of them are focusing on life-long self-development and they are really open to help on others as well. Both of them are really good listeners and they always gave me wise advices, whenever I needed a new direction in my life. Csilla is a surprisingly nice cook, her raw food dishes have delicious taste and healthy ingredients. I love her hand-made soaps as well, I cannot have a bath without them. Guys, thank you for all of your care 🙂

Over the past eight months I have had the pleasure to have three dine in experiences at the raw vegan food home restaurant. On each occasion the menu has been different though consistent with good service. The food has been sourced organic from local farmers markets where possible. Meal presentation has always been of a high standard with exquisite flavours and colour. The home atmosphere is comfortable and relaxed plus it is most evident that each dish has been prepared with love. Because I have enjoyed the food on offer plus the overall ambience I have recommended these events to friends who have also reported favourably.

I loved tasting the cake you made for us, and the two other samples you sent for me to try. I was so impressed that I did not hesitate in ordering one for my nieces Christmas present, who apparently has dairy food intolerances and gluten intolerances. She thoroughly enjoyed it, and ate the WHOLE cake in one sitting, as she found it soooo delicious, only sharing a small amount with my mother, who is her Grandma. I can see you put a lot of effort into the presentation of the cake when I look at the photo my mother took of it. Thank you so much, it was well worth the price.

I first met Rocco and Csilla when I went to the European Healing center to have a Family Constellation done for my relationship with my children. I was so grateful for the warm welcome I received and for the work they did with me. They also introduced me to Access Consciousness which I have intensely practiced for the last 7 months and which has held my head above water through a difficult time. My ability to be with others in a more peaceful and open way has come from the use of the clearing process of Access Consciousness. I really appreciate becoming less judgmental and being able to feel safe to get my barriers down when being with others.
It has also cleared a lot of guilt and grief and given me the awareness that I can and do create my life and I start to feel empowered and not a victim. Access Consciousness has also allowed me to become aware of the anger I have had at God ,Life, myself  and to let it go. Rocco and Csilla have been very generous with time and their knowledge and I will always be very grateful to them for all they are and do.